An iPhone App Marketer’s Smartphone Toolkit: 4 Best Apps You Should Download Today

Marketing is not easy. And when the whole world is your working playground, encapsulating people of all ages and diverse tastes, it becomes even more intense. As an iPhone app marketer, your PC & smartphone are your only tools to coax your audience to use your app.

Whether in the office or on the go, marketing enthusiasts require to refine, measure, and create new campaigns that keep them busy throughout the day. Working as a digital marketing manager in an ios app development in USA for years, I have come across some great iOS apps that will help you save your time and let your run your campaigns more efficiently.

This extensive list contains the applications that will help you out in different ways while you are on a go:

  1. Tweetbot

Tweetbot comes as a great help for the frequent twitter users. It has a lot of features that makes tweeting faster and more efficient. It allows you to retweet from a different account without pitching in many efforts.

It is enriched with ‘Search’ and ‘Translate’ features to find out hashtag based keywords as well as in rendering a foreign language.

  1. Prismatic

Prismatic shows you the feeds that you are probably interested in. Moreover, you can search certain topics and put them into your news feed options and it will automatically start showing pertaining stories in your feeds. Apart from that, it makes sharing anything way too easy.

As a marketer, you can leverage this application to efficiently send out the tweets with links to market it among your followers.

  1. Buffer

It’s a great app that lets you schedule your tweets and retweets while you are enjoying a day out with your family.

Moreover, you can even check the metrics of all the tweets you have earlier scheduled and have an insight that how they are performing out there.

  1. Quora

Quora has been running up in Alexa’s ranking from past 3 years. Being a one-stop platform to get answers on almost anything, it has been exploiting by several iOS app development services in USA.

As an iOS marketer, you can find detailed insights on any marketing topic you are curious about. If you can’t find the question you were looking for, you can just ask it around and in no time valuable answers will be there. On a side note, you can use it a marketing tool by providing a short and precise link of your business at the very last of your answer.

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