The Art of Creating Engaging Blog Posts: A Proven Strategy to Retain Customers

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When the era of blogging was started and not everyone out there was another blogger, we’ve had some quite good blogs.

And they were popular as well. Soon, with the Google’s focus on quality content, every small to big scale Joomla website development company in USA made content an integral part of their strategy; not to enrich their users with holistic information, but just to rank well in the search engines.

That drive, in turn, resulted in decreased quality of blogs. Most of the today’s pieces of content are just a garbage to fool search engines. However, still, after all these content efforts, blogs do not seem to entice customers. And how would they, if they are not being written for the consumption of human eyes?

If you really want to stand a chance out there with your drafts, you will need to understand what your customers want to read. And this post will enlighten you up for that.


1. What Interest You, Interests Your Audience

The more your readers know about you, the more they will feel like a part of your life. They would want to know about more things that happened to you, or on your views on the niche, you are expert in. If you want to create something for your reader, create it for you.


2. Your Audience Wants to Read Your Views on the News

Your opinions and views matter to your readers. If anything flashing happens out there, they desperately look at your blog to look at the perspective from your eyes. If they don’t find anything here, they will move to a spot where they could.

Hence, you can turn those latest happenings in your favor by proactively passing out your views on that or you can slowly sit back and see your readers slipping away from your fingers.


3. They Want to Figure Out What Worked for You

Hoping that you are sitting on a happy chair, your readers, who are still sitting at the mattresses, want to know how you got them. In simpler words, your readers want to hear how and what strategies worked for you when you were amidst in adversities.

If it’s a Joomla web development company in USA’s blog, they may survive with their SEO targeted content. However, an individual, where your readers are the source of your income, you need to do something different, bigger, and simpler.

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